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If I Die on Mars

Hundreds of years from now, few people will remember the names of famous celebrities, but everyone will remember the names of those four brave men and women who were the first to live on Mars.

In 2012, the nonprofit Mars One announced its plan to colonize the red planet. More than 200,000 people from all over the world applied to be one of the four persons that would be chosen to carry out the mission. Those who go will never return to Earth. The takeoff has been set for the year 2024. Some have called it a ‘suicide mission’ because the participants will never be able to come back to earth. They will be as good as dead to their families.

Meet the three volunteers who are competing to be among four people on this unusual mission: a physics student from the UK, a young doctor from Mozambique and, an Iraqi-American woman. Each one is happy to sacrifice his or her future for a place in history. But why are they so willing to leave everything behind? Are the stakes too high?

Ryan from the UK has never had sex and says he has no desire to do so. He admits to masturbating but only as a means to lower his risk of prostate cancer. His reason for joining the program is the desire to leave a legacy that does not necessarily involve having children. His own father abandoned him at a young age, so he has no idea what a father should do.

Dina is 29 years old and was born and raised in Iraq. In her culture she felt treated as an object and was required to hide her hair and most of the rest of her body. For her, moving to Mars will be a similar experience like when she moved to the United States— going back is not an option. Dina doesn’t believe in love and doesn’t think she needs it in her life.

Jeremias lives in Mozambique. When he told his family and friends about his decision, they honestly thought he was joking. Jeremias doesn’t think this world is a good place to live anymore because of all the disease and suffering. For him leaving it all behind will be a second chance at life.

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